Schwinn King Sting Seat post. 26.8 in diameter 4130 and thick in construction. The post has a second piece of metal sleeved in it to make it super strong, and of course like all of our products, super heavy. But if you're riding a Schwinn weight is not a big concern right? Nickel plated finish, made in the SFV, USA "LA adjacent". 87.00 bucks shipped free to your door. 



 13/16 or 20.7 layback seat post made of super thick 4130 tubing about twice as thick as a normal seatpost. Ideal for that Klunker, Schwinn bmx cruiser application. 7/8 top for use with standard seat guts. About 16 inches long with 4 inches of lay back for easy wheeling action. Can take a rider of 200 pounds or less no problem. Nickle plated finish, mad in the USA, this is why it costs so much.


13/16 Seatpost.

18 long. Solid. 6160 Aluminum. Made in the USA

Comes in raw silver finish, red, blue, or gold anodize. 40.00 bucks shipped to the lower 48 for silver and 45 for anodized. Fits Schwinn bikes, some older balloon bikes, and early BMX. 



We have many in Silver, a few blue, red and gold and black.

Sold out of gold



  5/8 solid seatpost with a 7/8 top.



For all you pre-war klunker cats out there. Tops are MIG welded and the whole thing is old school nickel plated, about 18 inches long with roughly 4 inches of back sweep. Stout but if you're a big fatty don't be surprised if you bend them trying to go off some sweet jumps yo. 37.00 shipped free to your door.





7/8 seat posts 6061 Layback. About 4 inches of layback comes in the BMX rainbow of colors as you can see. 37.00 bucks..yeah boyeee.





7/8 6061 solid seatposts. Straight and about 18 inches long. 35.00 buckaroos. Yeah Yeah pictures are fuzzy yo, well you won't be looking at it when it's on your bike.