The Red Menace is made in Taiwan. Everything else we make is made in the USA, this bike, fork, and bars are not, please make a note of the difference.  We won’t bore you with the reasons besides the obvious, not everyone can afford a 1200-1700 dollar bmx cruiser (one of our complete USA builds.) Draw your own conclusions; the Red Menace is here regardless.

With this project we offer the following:

. A complete bike SOLD OUT

. A frame/fork set SOLD OUT.

. A frame/fork/bar set SOLD OUT.

. A fork

. Cruiser Bars

So if you only want part; like the frame and don’t like the parts, want something to ride now, just need a fork for your bike project, we hopefully have you covered.

The frame and bars are of High-Tensile strength steel. They should hold up to normal riding stresses being the material most commonly used in making of a bicycles, a fine choice. Not intended for jumps or trick riding of any kind.

The fork is made from 4130 Chomolly Steel Alloy.  Strong, light, well we all know what 4130 means right? It means a length of tubing can be as strong as high ten steel but thinner and thus lighter.

This bike is intended to be compatible with old school or vintage parts, you can take stuff made in the 1970’s or 80’s and most of it should go right on one of these frames. These features include:

. 22.2 I.D. for the fork steer tube (or 7/8” if you prefer) The crown race is 26.4.

. 22.2 seat post (or 7/8 if you’re more comfortable with that form of measurement.)

. 32.5 Head Tube I.D. This is the “American Standard” (ahem…) for 1” steer tube bikes.

. American or “one piece” bottom bracket or crank shell.  For one piece cranks or easy conversion to 3.

110 mm rear spacing 100mm front.

Only comes in Chorme/blue colorway.

Ask questions if you have them.

No discounts

Sales are final.