Some pics from out Fire Road Cruise! 45 miles of radness! See you at the next one!

Square Back Style Dropouts!

Available now!! Go to Parts Section for details..

Been sanding and sanding and sanding! 7/8 seat posts both straight and layback styles. Made from solid 6061 T6 alloy. We will be offering these in colors as long as they anodize well (this is always a crap shoot). Soon!

4-16-16: I do not like to hype things, however unless something really goes wrong this is happening:

Made from an original snakebelly tire. A new mold and new tire. Colors. Gum wall. 26 x 2.125 & 55-65 psi for now.

I do not know when, hopefully by the end of the year. Do not contact me as to when, I do not know.

When you see it in inventory we have it, until then check back in around 3-6 months to see if we have got it in country.





Twice a year through our parent shop Atomic Cycles, we do a Solstice ride where we take our BMX bikes and ride them the length of the local Santa Monica Mountains at night. We encounter strange animal noises, a group of druids chanting around a rock (creepy) and good times! People that complete the ride get a button. What people will risk for a button is amazing!

All of ou6 bars were buried behind Red Menace boxes, we dug them out and tacked together 39 Small Time Crooks bars, our most popular bar. We should have them all done in the next month, sorry for the delay.

Check out the latest Side Hack Shenanigans!


Hello BMX aficionados..

I am trying to help get a bike park built in the Los Angeles area, the first ever, wouldn't that be rad?

To achieve radness they need to see that people a re interested in such things, if you could take a moment of your time and follow this link here:

and sign the petition.

Thanks! and stay rad!

Please share with your friends.


We will be attending this little thing on the 4th of July in Flagstaff, AZ. Come join us!



I have seat post clamps, and 13/16 Schwinn style seat posts in stock as well and some Evil ed stem clamps!

We will be phasing out the second generation Evil Ed stem clamps for the new ones you see pictured above on the right of the table. We were sourcing out the clamps from a quad runner/snow mobile of all things but those sources dried up. We were trying to keep it on the cheap but now we are making our own from scratch and they are way cooler but the price will increase as well. We're also improving the bases too so the 3rd gen Evil Ed stem will be a more polished product. Expect these to appear in inventory when we sell off all the old ones an make the new ones. So be patient grasshopper...


I should have a batch of new clamps and 13/16 seat posts ready for sale by Tuesday I will be adding black to our colors!!...Also we are working on the Evil Ed III stem. More on that later. Stay Rad!


Working on some seat posts, post clamps and some new stem clamps, we are going to get a batch anodized and be offering black for the first time. Hopefully in a month or so it should be ready for sale.


Keeping the creative juices flowing, we've been working on some 3 piece cranks for a long time now, well my friend that was helping us design them in solid works took me very literally when I told him to take his time. It's been a year or so in development. We don't even know if we are going to make them as they may be cost-prohibitive. We know now that if we make it here it will be very expensive and if it is too much more than a overseas counterpart it won't sell. Nice cranks sell for about 200 bucks and we'd like to keep ours under that price. We're still in development we don't as of this time even have one physical prototype yet and when we do it will be at least 6 months of testing before we make them available. They are long: 181.8 mm long to be exact. Like everything else we do, we go bigger. Anyway expect updates as they occur.


It's been a year in the works now but we have the Red Menace, a 26 compete BMX cruiser, fame/fork sets, bars and forks available. This was a big hurdle for us both finically and from a philosophical point if view as this is our only product not made by hand by us, it is made in Taiwan. We could continue to do things that way we were going and just keep it a hobby that pays for itself or try to expand to reach more people. We'll see how it goes. Keep in mind we will still make and offer all our made in USA bikes and parts, so you have a choice.



Time out for Fun! We did a little BMX sidehack race and it was total radness! I just wanted to share the vid with you, enjoy!!



26.8 King Sting Lay Backs are in the works, I should have them done in a couple of weeks! 4130, thick with a inset to make them extra strong. Price should be 85-90 bucks shipped to the lower 48 states. They are going to be nickel plated. 

About 16" total length. 

You can see the post is super thick, not as thick as our super size posts but thick enough. 

The seat mount is 7/8 taking standard seat guts. 

All TIG welded up. Polish and plating are next. 


It has been sort of embarrassing as we have not made any frames in a while, we make about 10 frames a year. I know that is not a lot. We have other real jobs otherwise there would be no GBP. One of the main hurdles was a place to do the welding. We got a little shack together now so the wind won't stop us like it has in the past. We're getting a few frames together as well as a mess of Crooks and 818 bars before Jim goes under the knife for wrist surgery, then we'll be down for a couple months. We'll still be able to do seat posts and we have a good stock of stems etc. Right now, I'm working on doing a 26.8 layback for the Schwinn King-Sting. Hopefully I'll have it done by the end of the month. We'll see.


Super size seat posts are done. We have 13/16, 7/8 and one inch. All are super thick. Nickel plated made in the USA.