Retro Ryder Installation Instructions: 

This headset allows you to take a bike with the American 1" threaded standard head tube (32.5 mm) and run a NON-Tapered 1 1/8 threadless fork in your bike. 

The fit should be good, but if you're using some 60, 50, 40, or 30 year old frame (like we do :) your frame may have some abuse through the years. If you can press the headset in by hand and it's fairly snug you should be fine, if it drops in with no coaxing and rattles around then it won't work well. 

Tools you'll need:

1. a metric allen set. 

2. A hammer (not the M.C. variety) 

3. A small block of wood. If you have a headset press then you don't      need #2 or #3. 

4. Some grease.

5. A tube of metal that will slide over your fork to seat the crown race.

6. A star nut tool or a ball peen hammer works well. 

Let's Begin...

Here we have a 1979 Schwinn cruiser frame.

Here's our Headset. We have Two bearing races, two bearings, one crown race, one dust cover, one conical rubber washer, one washer, one top, and one star nut/cap. 

Using the metal tube, seat the crown race on the fork. 

Place the bearing races in the frame by hand. Try and get them fairly level. 

Using your hammer and block of wood or headset press if you got one, press the bearing races into the frame. Isn't this exciting!? 

Slap that dust cover on the crown race, it should fit well, otherwise it's upside down. 

Grease up them bearings, they should go "balls up" as shown on the bottom and the opposite on the top. 

Place the top on there, I'm moving too fast so it's a blurry shot.

Place the rubber gasket/washer with the tapered side down, make it even on the top.

Next is the metal washer.

Install your star nut. You may have to do this before you put the fork in the bike.

Install your headset spacers and stem.

Install your top cap.

Ok, you're done!!