Retro Ryder Headset



Retro Ryder Headset will allow one to use a 1 1/8th inch non-tapered fork in a bike that came with a once inch threaded fork.

Due to a increase in cost of materials, machining, and postage, head sets are now 56 bucks shipped to the lower 48 states. Sorry about that. If you're out of country or in Alaska or Hawaii, get in touch for shipping costs.


There are several different internal diameters of head tubes on one inch threaded head tubes.

The only one that will work for is one the is what is known as the "American standard" like the head tubes on made in USA Schwinn bicycles and many early BMX bikes and balloon tire cruisers throughout the decades.

The internal diameter or I.D. that you head tube NEEDS to be for our product to work is:

32.5 mm

The only way to know if our product will work is to remove your bearing races from your frame and take a measurement.

It must be 32.5 mm, give or take a point perhaps.

27mm will not work

30mm will not work

Nor will it fit on some pre-war bikes that had a larger diameter head tube.

You must remove your bearing races to be sure.

We get lots of queries in regards to this head set; will it work on a 97 gt Avalanche, or a 92 Rock hopper, or a 1982 Univega Alpina Uno etc.

We don't know.

We will not know.

We cannot know.

There are too many bikes to make a data base of any kind.

You must remove your bearing races and measure the internal diameter of your head tube to find out.

This is what you will have to do and I've wrote everyone back that asked me this question and told them what I've explained here three times above, hundreds and hundreds of times. So, if you e-mail and ask me this question, I have already answered it here. Nothing personal, we want to help everyone out but also don't want to waste time when the information one needs is already provided. Hope you understand.