We have not made any updates in a long time.

Here is what is going on with us as of 4/14/22

We are still out of handle bars. We have been trying to get our tubing bender to make us some more, after three years of prodding he said he finally got the material, that was about 6 months ago. We understand that in the scheme of things, we are peasants. We make small orders and honestly it is not worth anyone's time to deal with us when they have other customers that want 10's of thousands of things. We are currently exploring making some bars in Taiwan. Our contacts in Taiwan say NOTHING till 2023 at the soonest. They are flooded with orders again from bigger fish than us. So we wait.

Right now we are putting our made in USA frames on hold. They are rad, we love them, however we sold a whole five frames in the last seven years. Making frames takes a long time and is costly and they take up a lot of room. In addition we get tire kicked to death over them. If demand was higher we'd make more but the market guides like any company, and the market say why bother. We may explore making some over seas in the next few year but again we did that already with the Red Menace and it took 6 /12 years plus a pandemic to finally get all of those into people's hands. Not a fast moving item. Things like our headsets, stems, and seat posts move well and store easy. We must do what makes sense instead of make flagship products that only serve one's ego instead of pragmatism. So no frames for now...

Snakebelly tires will not be re-produced again. They did not move fast enough to justify the expense. They do go bad. We had hoped they would sell quicker but they did not. We did a 2,500 tire order and that was considered "small" by the tire company. Again the market will influence our decisions.

What is cooking?

Like we said, some bars perhaps and something else that may not happen. I will only reveal when I have it in my hands as we don't like making empty promises. Many things are out of our control.