The warranty applies to the original owner only and does not cover damage from abuse, misuse, crashes etc. Legalese makes us sick you know so we know itís tough as hell and will be something you can pass on to your children but if you ride down a flight of steps into a parked car donít come crying to us right? Cool then!  



Article One, Two, and Three frames are warranteed for life against manufacturing defects.


All Made in USA Seat Posts are honored by a 2 year replacement warranty.


All Made in USA handle bars are warranteed with replacement for 3 years.


Retro Ryder head sets we can replace them if they fail within 2 years. You must keep the head set snug, properly fit in your bike. It must also be installed correctly.


Evil Ed Stem and Crook Seat Post Clamp are warranteed for 2 years.



Red Menace bikes, frames, forks, parts and bars are covered only by a one year replacement warranty. We won't cover wear and tear items like the seat, grips, and tires though. The complete bike must be assembled by a professional bike shop or the warranty is void, this goes for installation of all parts as well. If we don't have the same exact part as we only stocked a few of each thing, we'll give you a suitable substitute.


Snakebelly tires are warranteed for 3 months against defects, not wear, as long as you have heeded the care instructions. Don't be a jerk and lie to us about it. We're cool if you are. 


Any problems you have, please contact us. Keep in mind we will need the defective item(s) returned to us for us to make better things and better serve you. Thanks!





We don not accept returns. We do our very best to convey in a very open and accessible fashion what we have and what it can do. We provide many, many pictures and will answer any questions no matter how off in outer space they are to the best of our ability. Once you make your decision to buy after all that however, it is yours. If something is damaged in shipping we can work with that. If you fail to read descriptions carefully or fail to ask questions, that is on you. We don't ensure happiness, contentment, we cannot control if you have buyers remorse, or if you get caught buying bike parts by your s/o (again) instead of paying the rent or of you change your mind or your friends kick you out of  the cool kid group because you have a new part instead of some vintage thingy. Being accountable for your choices is part of being an adult, we believe in that and hold others to it. You can't send something back because you don't "like" it.


I know that is harsh, but we being so small cannot afford to keep this afloat with a pervading Wal-Mart mentality.


We hope you understand.