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Here's a flyer I drew up for my next cycling event, the Coaster Brake Challenge. What that is if you don't know is a series of off road cross country style races where the riders are restricted to utilizing a single speed coaster brake (or "back/pedal" brake) for sole means of locomotion and braking. Scary? Possibly. Courses are picked based upon the limitations of the equipment, the limits are surprisingly vast. Anyway, that is the limit of my skill so far I have not pushed myself in this realm nearly enough so it kind of stays very cartoony and ham-fisted.

 humanity revoked

This of course leads into this:


I know, I know. I'm in the very small minority here. I made the humanity revoked coupon for one of my fiends that I had lost to Facebook and his OCD for THREE YEARS! So I did something about it. He has now joined the ranks of the human race once again....till he got on instagram that is.

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meat (pg 18)

meat pg11




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Oh MEAT! He's so funny!




 The quest for silence....will never be completed.

Oh...the anger. I'm much better now...No honest.



Enough Already!



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 hate you




Am I complaining about complaining? Perhaps.


 Oh, How I hate you!