We will be adding all kinds of neat bike goodies for you as we can. Check back every so often to see what we have for you. Check the inventory section to see what we currently have. 

Prices include shipping in the lower 48 states, otherwise there will be an additional shipping charge. Contact us if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside the USA before you order. Thanks!

Square Back Style Dropouts

Great for a frame builder that wants to make an old school squareback style bike like a Redline or Champion. Made to fit 1/2 X 1" tubing but you may need to do a little filing to make it fit different thicknesses of tubing.




 13/16 & 7/8 seat post clamp.

Made in the USA by a qualified machinist (He's missing a finger) so far only silver is available. These fit Schwinn bicycles (13/16) and will also work for any 7/8 seat post application. Raw silver or polished upon request, just let us know you want a shinny one and I'll polish one up for you at no extra charge. 


Now in colors!!!



Retro Ryder Headset.

SOLD OUT AS OF 4/22/21

We will make more when we can.

With this headset, you can run an 1 1/8 NON-Tapered fork in an older bike that normally takes a American "Standard" 1" threaded headset  (32.5mm). Fits old Schwinns and other American cruiser bikes, some bmx bikes and some older mountain bikes. This means it won't fit everything, you'll have to measure the inside diameter of your head tube to see if it will work.  this headset not being all things to all people, I made it for old Schwinn bikes foremost in my mind, early mountain bikes usually take the Japanese standard of 27mm, later ones are often 1 1/4 or 1 1/8 threaded which this headset will not work for, 1" only.. Ask questions if you're unsure, there are no stupid questions with this thing. Be sure. Made in the USA, 45.00 shipped. Made out of steel, not for weight weenines. Look at the pics, I have several pics with a digital caliper so you can be sure it will meet your needs (or not).  Available in Black, Silver, Green, Gold, White, Red, & Blue be sure to specify. 

Colored headsets will have some blemishes on them from machining, please be aware of this before you buy them as they don't look as flawless as the chrome ones.  

                              Look at the pictures before you buy, be sure. Ask questions if you are not sure. No, we don't know the size of every head tube on every bike, you'll have to measure. :)  

                           If you need to see how to install one, click here!!!!



Now with purple horseshoes bitches! Don't worry that red smudge is just clown blood so it's ok. 


HEAD SETS ARE SOLD OUT as of 4/22/21