Lord Humongous Double Clamp Stem

Who rules the savage wastes of BMX land?! Lord Humongous of course!

Big block flat double clamp stem for all your cruising needs.

Stem shaft is 22.2 so it won't fit in really old school forks, be sure to check your fork I.D. before you buy.

Shaft is .085 4130, plate and gusset are normal steel.

Clamps are 7/8 clamp diameter and made from 6061 alloy.

Shipping is included to the lower 48 states. Otherwise get in touch.

Made in USA in Raw/unfinished, Flat Black, or Nickel Plate finishes.




EVIL ED Back in stock!

The Evil Ed Stem. New an improved version Mark IV. (time to be excited right?) Who is Evil Ed? Do you really want to know the answer to that question? No, we didn't think so. For old school heads that want a bitchin' stem and not pay the high price of a collectable stem, you can actually use this one without being worried if you're going to damage it or not. It's super thick and hand made right here in Van Nuys, CA. Now we have the Evil Ed version 4.0, with more evil. This updated version has sunken allen bolts, a knurled mast, and is nickel plated to boot. Version 1 was all black with top mounted bolts, they are all gone just so you know, version 2 was like version 3 but not. Version 2 stems are all gone...:(

21.1 diameter

7/8 clamp diameter

Finishes: nickel plate w/ silver, black, red, blue or gold clamps

Cost: 200.00 + shipping

Yes, we know the price has gone up, not counting all the running around I did to make these puppies the price is barely profitable. We're working and getting a lower cost version to market, that is in the distant future though...













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