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We are still out of handle bars. We have been trying to get our tubing bender to make us some more, after three years of prodding he said he finally got the material, that was about 9 months ago. We understand that in the scheme of things, we are peasants. We make small orders and honestly it is not worth anyone's time to deal with us when they have other customers that want 10's of thousands of things. We are currently exploring making some bars in Taiwan. Our contacts in Taiwan say NOTHING till 2023 at the soonest. They are flooded with orders again from bigger fish than us. So we wait.

Bar Nomenclature 

These are what we have when we have them in stock. Scroll down for more info and ordering information. Check inventory to see what we have before you order. 


Crook Bros Bar.

Copy of the coveted Cook Bros cruiser bar, now you can have one for a 10th of the price. 4130 (need I even say it?) hand made by us. We have two sizes, the Small Time Crook with a 7" rise and a Big Time Crook bar with about a 8 1/2 inch rise. Both are 38 inches wide, yes people, 38 inches. The widest bar ever made? perhaps. You can cut them down if you want ,just tell us so we can look the other way. We have them in RAW, BLACK, & NICKEL sometimes.  We often run out of these, check INVENTORY before you order. If you want super shiny then buy the raw ones and have them chromed yourself, the black is a powder coat and the nickel is on unpolished metal so it needs a good buffing out to really shine. Please look at the drop down menu carefully to make your selection. 



                                                                                                                                                                                                        Finish @ Sizes


Master Blaster:

Hand Made in the USA, 7 3/4 rise, 28 inches strong, cool bendy-wendy for your paw. 4130 of course. Who run BMX town now huh? 


                                                                                                                             Master Blaster


818 Bar:

Valley Style. That's what we call it, we keep going bigger and wider, it's just better. Most of us run motocross bars on our bikes for the nice wide stance. It was only natural to want something that matched our riding tastes, the 818 bar. 818 mm wide, 11" of rise, you will find no bar as big or as bad ass as the 818 bar. Made from 4130 in the USA. 85 bucks for raw or black, 105.00 for nickel, shipped to the lower 48.


                                                                                                                            818 bar


Our K-Bar BMX cruiser handle bar is wide and comfy with just enough sweep to give you a great ride but not too much to not be there for you when you need to jump out of the saddle and really go. 4130 steel, made by hand by guys who ride bikes in the USA. 

7/8" clamp diameter. 

Finishes: Raw, Black, Nickel

85.00, 105.00 for nickel shipped in the Lower 48.

Big K-Bar.



This bar is just like t he Sml K-Bar, only a couple inches taller. 33 inches wide. 



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