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Right now we are putting our made in USA frames on hold. They are rad, we love them, however we sold a whole five frames in the last seven years. Making frames takes a long time and is costly and they take up a lot of room. In addition we get tire kicked to death over them. If demand was higher we'd make more but the market guides us like any company, and the market say why bother. We may explore making some over seas in the next few year but again we did that already with the Red Menace and it took 6 /12 years plus a pandemic to finally get all of those into people's hands. Not a fast moving item. Things like our headsets, stems, and seat posts move well and store easy. We must do what makes sense instead of make flagship products that only serve one's ego instead of pragmatism. So no frames for now...

Check the inventory section for updated lists on production before you place an order.

We have three made in USA bike frames, the Article One, Article Two and Article Three, real creative names right?

Article One is a double bar full looptail 26 bmx cruiser likened to a cook bros, Gary Littlejohn, Schwinn Excelsior etc.

Article Two is a diamond frame with a second tube like a Champion, Koski, Lawwill Pro cruiser etc.

Article Three is a twin top tube style lowboy cruiser similar to an R & R, Torker etc.

All are hand made out of 4130 .065 diameter tubing, they are warranted for life with the original owner.

We only make 1-5 frames a year, they take a long time to make, they are costly.

Article One and Two frames are 600.00 +Shipping

Article Three frames are 650.00 + Shipping

These come in a nickel plate finish with a choice of gold or silver labels.

Raw frames are only 40 bucks less.

Don't waste our time trying to get it for less, you won't.


And remember, to stay rad at all times!



Check out our new Article Three frame. I know, we're really creative with the names huh?  We only made 10 of these tube sets, we have made 6 so far and have all the tubing bent up for another 4.





Tubing: 1" diameter 4130 Chromoly .065 diameter This makes our frame thick and heavy but feel very solid. 

Seat post diameter: 25.4 (standard BMX seatpost diameter)

Wheel Size: 26"

Max tire width 26 x 2.5

Wheel spacing: 110mm

Bottom Bracket: American or one piece 

Head Tube: 1 1/8 standard Article One head tubes are 6" Two & Three head tubes are 5" 

Seat Tube 18.5"

Top Tube: 22"

Chain Stay: 19"

Weight: 8 lbs 7 ounces

Head Tube Angle: 68

Finish: Powdercoat black, white, candy blue or red, or nickel plated


These bikes are spec'd for an 1 1/8th threadless fork. We've been using A Redline Monocog rigid fork for these bikes, they work well, are made in Asia (bummer!) and are out of tough chro-mo. With an adapter you can run an 1" threaded fork for an old school look. More fork options in the future.  Our reasoning for the 1 1/8 threadless fork and head set is it's the industry standard and you will be hard pressed to find a new 1" threaded fork that will hold up to real riding. 

Our frames come with cantilever bosses standard. If you don't want them let us know and we will set one aside without. 

Furthermore, we've had several requests to make the same frame with alterations, keep in mind that the frames are made in a welding jig and for us to make a frame different from this frame would mean we'd have to make a one off custom even if the alterations seem small, they are not. We do small production runs and such runs be they of 5, 20, or 500 frames are all the same consisting of the same parts. One off frames are where every part is custom, not what we do. We're more than happy to do so, however this would roughly double the cost as we can bring you our factory frame at a very low cost because we can cut and miter all the frame tubes for a run of frames easily because they are all the same for each bike, custom builds are not. We're flexible but we have our limits. Feel free to contact us if you want custom work done, we are open.

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